Millionaire Mindset Blueprint

        Millionaire Mindset Blueprint “ The Riches are in Niches”

It would not be wrong if I say that most of the inspiring digital marketers know Deepak Kanakraju.

As Deepak makes a relationship and trust by offering his free digital marketing course and once that is made then there is no way you are not sticking with him as he always comes up with something unique, which is value for money giving 10X returns.

This time it was an Internship Program, in which you will not only get your money back and you will be working on live projects with Deepak.

I was super excited to start my Internship with him.

In the first session itself, we got the Millionaire Mindset Blueprint as “The Riches are in Niches”.

If we honestly execute as per this blueprint then we can be Millionaire soon.

Every one of us are running, some of us are running to earn  a living,

Some for making their dream come true,

Some are running because everyone is running so they also have to run,

Some of us have been told by our parents or teacher that you have to choose this profession,

 Some  don’t know why they are running every day from morning till night but they are running.

Irony is most of us choose our carrier when we were in class XI, I am not sure how many of us were so clear or wise enough to choose our carrier at that age.

We choose or carrier because our parents want us to be Engineer or Doctor, or one of our so called Intelligent relative game advise to choose that carrier.

Everyone should be taught  how to  find the gold in a quite a young age so that they can choose their Niche as per their talent, passion and market opportunity.

Most people fail because they don’t enjoy what they are doing while most are so successful because they know what their Niche is and they enjoy doing it.

So, One of the important factor to be successful is choosing our Niche carefully keeping in mind our Talent, passion and market opportunity, so that we can enjoy and excel whatever we are doing.

1.     Finding Market Opportunity-Finding the gold

The first step towards Riches is finding what the customer.

What are customers problems to which they are finding the solution

2.     Choosing Niche as per talent ,passion and market.

It is very crucial to choose Niche carefully.

We should choose our niche as per passion ,talent and marketing opportunity .

If we don’t enjoy the work we are doing then we are not going to excel in that and nobody remembers number 2 everybody remembers number 1.

3.     Learning & Mastering Communication Skill .

Communication is the most important skill as without this we won’t be able to find the right marketing opportunity .

The person who ends up making more money is the person who solves most of the problem and to solve the problems you have to understand the customer needs and the sales skill to communicate what you have to offer .

Ways to Master Communication .


We should make a habit of reading every day for at least 30 mins.


We should listen to podcasts or Audiobooks.


Writing daily at least 500 to 1000 words improves our expression.


Watching web series or self-development videos.

4.     Understanding the Integration of Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is the integration of many components which starts with Content marketing

Content Marketing

Social Media



Email Marketing

Converting Leads .

5.     Using Digital Marketing.

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